The Members of DEMOLATOR

Ludwig Andersson

Thomas Bergman , born in Motala, Sweden 1973. Lives in Kristianstad, Skåne since -83.
Thomas is a self-taught guitar- and keyboardplayer and began playing at 14 years of age.
Maximum Overdrive was the first band he played in which autumn -92 became DISSIDENT AGGRESSOR and DEMOLATOR-03.
He uses Dean Guitars.
Keyboard: Emax II sampler, SCI multitrak, Ensonic asr 10 sampler.
Effects: GK.
Amps: Gallien Krueger
The main musical influences are Judas Priest, Pantera, John Carpenter, Frontline Assembly and themes from various movies.
His interests are music, art, movies and sport.




Magnus Bergman ,The singer. born in Motala, Sweden 1970. Lives in sweden,Osby Skåne since autumn -83.
Magnus is the older brother in the band (Thomas is his younger brother).
He´s also at self-taught guitar-, keyboard- and bassplayer and started to play at 12 yers of age.
Wodka was the name of the first band he became teh guitarplayer in and he took part in building the group DISSIDENT AGGRESSOR autumn 92-03 and then Demolator 2003.
His musical influences are the same as the younger brother Thomas.
The main interests are of course music, movies, sports and partying like a true rocker.













We´ll update with moore info soon with Jens and Georg